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Diaper Wreaths

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

I have just recently begun to sell diaper wreaths after making them for years for friends and family, so here are a few pictures of diaper wreaths I have made over the years.  I made this tiny wreath (around 13″ diameter) for an out-of-town friend who needed an inexpensive gift for her sister’s baby shower that was happening near me.  I included a small set of boy onesies and socks, and filled the rest of the wreath with travel-sized samples of baby products.

The pink wreath pictured below was for a coworker, and I hand-painted wooden letters for her name. (Shh…don’t tell, but they did not have a letter “E” at the craft store, so I grabbed a number 9 and turned it over to substitute for the “E”.) When I was shopping, I just LOVED those tiny little pink sneakers and had to include them!

This wreath for Mason’s Mom was a collaborative gift planned with a group of my online friends from a Mom forum.  A few different people sent items to put on the wreath, and one lady sent these super-soft, premium organic prefolds in a natural color that matched perfectly with the set of organic onesies I had found to include.  I thought the result was gorgeous, and our friend was thrilled to receive it in the mail for her “virtual baby shower”!