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Lots of Mothers

Friday, May 18th, 2007


I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few mothers in my life.  These are a few sets of personalized notecards that I made for Mother’s Day gifts this year.

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More about what CUSTOM means at Simply Rosy

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

As my husband was uploading the two invitation samples to the website, he questioned my decision of categorizing the invitations (into “Wedding”, “Bday”, etc) rather than just putting them in one big page all together. My answer to him was that I am going to be creating several more samples during the course of my business, and I would prefer to have them split into categories rather than to have (eventually) HUNDREDS of invitations in one lumped location.

His response to that was, “But maybe people won’t understand that they can use ANY style with ANY paper for ANY occasion. I think that maybe people will assume that these 11 samples are the only invitations you offer.” I am positive that some potential customers will have exactly that response, so I would like to clarify specifically what I mean when I say I am a custom invitation designer. (Brief summary here:

As we complete the remaining pages in the invitation section of the site, we will:

  1. upload images of probably at least 50 patterned and solid colored papers, eventually we will most likely list even more than that.
  2. have between 5 and 10 basic invitation styles, with several options for “extras” (like response cards, custom envelopes, ribbons, enclosures, etc).
  3. list several standard sizes for invitations.
  4. upload files with several font options, as well as list several choices for how you might like to word an invitation.

The main goal for me, as a custom designer, is to offer ANY combination of the above four options that you might desire.

For instance, if you like one of our samples which is listed as a wedding shower invitation, you can use that very same design as a baby announcement or children’s birthday invitation or garden tea party or whatever other occasion you can imagine. Or if you see a complicated wedding invitation, we can easily simplify the basic concept to be used for a wine tasting or even a Super Bowl party!

PLUS, if you have an idea which is not included in the options listed, I will be happy to talk to you about it, and try to create what you are imagining. That means that if you would like a 12″x12″ invitation, with a huge bow around it, in bright green and navy blue floral paper – I will try my absolute hardest to do exactly that!

Or, you may have seen a particular patterned paper which is not listed on my website, but you KNOW that you would like to use that exact paper. I will try to find the paper through my vendors or at local stores. Or if you would prefer, I will tell you the number of sheets which I need to complete your order; you can purchase the paper and mail it to me, and I will reduce the price of your order accordingly.

The main point that I am trying to express is that I will customize every single invitation I design to be exactly what you wish. Of course, complexity often comes with a higher price tag, so unfortunately, I will not always be able to do exactly what you want within your budget, but I would like to work with you to get as close to your dream as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you enjoy the website. Check back soon for updates!

~Kat –