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Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

My son loves robots, so I couldn’t help making up a Valentine just for him. 🙂  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Valentines Photo Cards on Etsy

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!  I have added several designs for Valentine’s cards to my Etsy shop.  They are 4″ x 6″ and come in sets of 25, which is perfect for a typical classroom of 24 plus the teacher.  If you would like to order a different quantity, please contact me directly, and I will create a custom listing.

Merry Christmas from Simply Rosy and my little family!

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Accordion Photo Ornaments

Monday, December 12th, 2011

I introduced a new gift item on Etsy this week which I began selling at craft fairs for this holiday season.  They are little, book-style ornaments that have origami accordion pages for pasting up to 8 photos.  I made a bunch of these for family gifts several years ago, and they are treasured keepsakes (especially for grandparents).  There are two sizes (2″ x 2″ and 3″ x 3″), and I also have provided the option for you to send me the photos which I will print and attach for you before mailing.  I hope you will come see my shop on Etsy which also showcases my holiday photo cards and diaper wreaths, and will soon include my custom invitations and Printvitation™ Kits.

Holiday Photo Cards – 20% off!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Holiday Photo Cards

I am thrilled to announce the debut of our new line of Holiday Photo Cards.  For the first week only, they will be on sale for 20% off (through Sunday, November 6th until midnight CST), so order soon!

Please share the sale with your friends by clicking the Facebook “Like” button at the top of this post; you will receive a 5% off coupon good for a single order in the online store from 10/31-11/6.  If you do not receive a coupon code within 2hrs, please email me, and I will take care of it right away!

Reminiscing – The invitation that started it all!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

I may have written before about how I thought of the idea to start Simply Rosy, but I think I have simplified it in the past, so here is the full story!  It all began when I was planning my own wedding.  I have always loved paper-crafting (origami, scrapbooking, etc.), so when looking at invitations, I was drawn to those that had layered paper.  In fact, I fell in love with a Paper Source custom design that I saw featured in a bridal magazine.

However, almost everyone I could find who did layered paper designs charged an arm and a leg for them, and like most brides, I was on a budget and could not spend that much for the invitations.  The design I liked (one backing layer with a patterned paper band around the middle) seemed fairly simple to make, especially considering that I had paper-crafting experience.  I even knew which patterned paper I would want to use, since I wanted something in neutral colors with a floral pattern, and I had always loved Anna Griffin’s “Repousse” pattern.

So, the next step was to work on finding paper suppliers.  I started by contacting Paper Source, who referred me to their Kansas City store, since they didn’t have a physical store near me.  Annie, their rep in Kansas City at the time, was FANTASTIC!  She helped me figure out what pieces I would need, and sent me samples of different colors for the main part of the invitation and the backing piece.

From those samples, I made a mock-up of what I wanted, and my husband (then fiancé) approved the design.  I absolutely adored the Luxe line of cardstock that had a subtle texture similar to watercolor paper, so I calculated how much paper I would need.  In order to save some money, I ordered the huge “half sheets” of Luxe cardstock at 19.5″ x 27.5″, and planned to cut them down at Kinko’s using their professional rotary paper cutters.

None of the colored papers that Annie had sent matched closely enough to work for the backing layer, so I bought reams of cardstock from an office supply store that had 4 different colors (one was taupe that I used for the backing layer, and I still have about 3 reams worth of those other colors stashed in my “paper closet”…6.5 years later, haha!).  If I had just been planning to use the “Repousse” paper for the band, I wouldn’t have needed very much; however, I wanted to make coordinating envelope liners, so I needed a large quantity.  I found an online scrapbooking store (Oak Leaf Acre, the website doesn’t seem to exist anymore) that sold scrapbook paper in bulk for a discount.

I also wanted to use double envelopes, which proved to be fairly difficult to find at the time, but I finally discovered that Action Envelopes carried them, so I was able to order my envelopes there.  I ordered return address and monogram embossers from to use for the back of the envelopes and ceremony programs respectively, and my future Mother-in-Law helped me find a local stationery store that carried the tissue paper liners.  For my save-the-dates, I just bought some cream, linen-textured card & envelope sets from a local craft store, printed the main info on the right-hand side, and used a coordinating hydrangea rubber stamp from Anna Griffin to decorate the left side, which was a fairly simple project.

Assembling the wedding invitations proved to be much more complicated, but luckily I did have some help from my sister, who was my Maid of Honor.  Cutting the huge Luxe sheets at Kinko’s took quite a bit of time, but the personal paper cutter I bought to use for the other pieces was not as accurate.  Plus, I cannot even tell you how many of those little double-sided adhesive cartridges from the scrapbooking section that I went through; that alone made the invitations cost significantly more than I had calculated (but still less expensive than purchasing custom ones).  Oh, what I would have given to have my professional paper cutter and ATG adhesive gun then!

The envelope liners also were a daunting task, but my father, who is an architect and very familiar with using an Exacto knife, took over that project and finished much faster than I could have.  We had a family night (actually a couple, I think) at my apartment to finish assembling the invitations and addressing/stuffing envelopes, and thank goodness I had several other people there to help, because it made the project a fun family event instead of feeling overwhelmed doing it by myself.

Looking back, I realize now that they were technically far from perfect; however, they are sentimentally still one of my favorite projects.  I learned so much and felt a huge sense of accomplishment from doing them myself.  It was also wonderful to hear so many compliments from family and friends, which is really what encouraged me to start my own small/home business making invitations. It is definitely a great way to satisfy my paper obsession!

Red, White, & Blue Card Ring

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I posted a few months ago when I made a pink card ring for a baby shower at church, and as I guessed, I will probably be making several more.  It is appropriate that I received an order for a red, white, and blue card ring with stars on it in the month of July!  The couple is expecting their first baby next month, and has decorated the nursery in a Texas Rangers theme, so this card ring should match perfectly.

Spring Diaper Wreaths

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

I made the Baby Blue, Lime, and Brown wreath for one of my best, lifelong friends who had her first precious baby boy in May.  It was a very sentimental project to be making a gift for someone who is so special to me.  I was also so glad to be able to participate in her baby shower, since I only see her about once a year.

This spring, I did a few craft shows, and I made the White & Yellow miniature wreath as a door prize for a small home business show.  By the end of the show, the hostess had more prizes than she needed, so she returned it to me.  I wasn’t sure how it would work to make such a tiny diaper wreath, but I think the end result is pretty adorable.  What do you think?

Gala and Luncheon Invitations

Friday, May 20th, 2011

As I explained in the Custom Details & Options page on my store site, the reason that I say my invitations are custom is that I can really use almost any paper with any design, and the result will look significantly different and can work for any occasion.  That is a difficult concept to explain sometimes, so I thought in this case, a picture really is worth more than just words.  I designed the following invitation last fall for a wedding luncheon.  This black and cream magnolia patterned paper came from Paper Source (of course), and I had been wanting to use it on an invitation for a long time.  I thought it was a great option for a semi-formal wedding luncheon, and my client agreed.

Then when another client saw that invitation this spring, she loved the layout and even the font selections, but she made different paper choices (in shades of bronze and brown) that completely changed the feel of the same basic style of invitation for her art gala.

Pink & Green Card Ring

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

When I began planning a baby shower with a group of other ladies, we tried to think of some alternatives to the typical shower games.  I always like providing a blank book or cards for the guests to write thoughts, memories, and advice for the expecting mother/family (kind of like an informal guest book), and one of the other hostesses told us that she remembered another shower where the hostesses had given the Mom-to-be a ring with cards on it for guests to write prayers and verses.  Then they tied pieces of ribbon onto it, so that the new Mother could read the cards while holding the baby who could play with the ribbons.  We all liked that idea, so we decided to make a ring of cards and ribbons, and guests could write thoughts, advice, memories, prayers, verses, or pretty much whatever they wanted.  Being the “paper person” of the group, that project was assigned to me. 🙂

I found some cute scraps of patterned paper in pinks and greens, and bought solid cardstock to match.  I cut the cardstock down to 3.5″x4.25″ (6 cards per letter-sized sheet of cardstock), and cut strips of patterned paper to .75″x3.5″.  After I had adhered the patterned paper strips to the left edge of the cards, I punched a hole in the top left corner of each card and strung them all on the ring (the patterned paper acts as reinforcement for the hole punch in addition to adding a nice decorative touch to each card).  I used a plain bracelet like this from the jewelry section of the craft store, but something like a twist-end bangle or even a regular binder ring from an office supply store would work well.  I also bought a wooden letter from the baby’s name to decorate and glue on the front, and I layered that with other pieces of the coordinating paper to make a cover card.  I was very pleased with the results, and so was our friend.  I am guessing I will be making quite a few more of these for future showers!