Farewell to my trusty Hobby Lobby tax-free card…

This afternoon I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase supplies for an upcoming order.  As I was checking out the clerk told me that per a new company policy, I would need to verify my tax-exempt status the next time I came into the store in order for them to issue me a new card with a one-year expiration date (customers now need to re-“apply” for a new card every year).  In order to guarantee customer compliance, the clerk was also required to keep my original card.  As a prior accountant and HR manager, I understand the reason and necessity for such a policy, and I am perfectly willing to follow the rules and complete the verification process.

However (and you may think I am silly), I found myself just a little bit sentimental about the fact that I would no longer have my worn, battered, and well-loved Hobby Lobby card.  In some ways, it is a representation of how proud I was to start my own small business and how exciting it was to have the privilege of purchasing supplies for business projects tax-free.  I have used it numerous times over the past six years, and it definitely shows some battle scars, but now I must bid farewell with many fond memories.

*I must add that I really appreciate Hobby Lobby for having a relatively painless process for tax-exempt purchases in comparison to several other stores.  It is so helpful to have a card to represent your tax-exempt status instead of having to bring an exemption certificate or look up your business information every single time you make a purchase.  This new policy makes it a little bit more complicated, but as I said above, I completely understand why it is necessary.  Hobby Lobby is and will remain one of my very favorite local places to find supplies for my business. 🙂

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